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Installing a Digital Certificate on Your Virtual Server
Our customized Apache Web Server makes it possible for you to install your own Digital Certificate. This provides you with additional power to customize your own Virtual Server to meet your specific needs.

To install your own digital certificate, connect to your Virtual Server via Telnet or SSH and do the following.

  1. Place the signed digital certificate on your Virtual Server in the ~/etc directory with the filename as ssl.cert.

  2. Place the proper private key for the certificate in ~/etc directory with the filename as ssl.pk.

    NOTE: The key you need for this is the private key that is created when the CSR was generated. If we generated your CSR you'll need to Contact Our Digital Certificate Staff and request the private key for your domain. If it was generated elsewhere, you will need to get the private key there.

  3. Remove any encryption on your private key. Use the command that matches your Virtual Server O/S:

  4. If your certifying authority (CA) suggests installing their root security certificate on your server, you can do it by placing the file in your ~/etc directory with the filename ssl.ca.

  5. Restart Your Web Server

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