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Virtual Subhosting
Virtual Subhosting is one of the most powerful features of the Virtual Server and our Apache Web Server. This feature allows you to support multiple domain names that each resolve to their own unique subdirectories on a single Virtual Server. In other words, you can host bob.com and jim.com on the same Virtual Server, each with its own domain name and unique site content. You can also offer each Virtual Subhost customer their own unique FTP login with access to their own subdirectory and e-mail addresses using their own domain name.

When used correctly, Virtual Subhosting offers you a powerful, low-cost product that you can use to get your "foot in the door" with prospective clients. You can use Virtual Subhosting to provide clients with a small sample site for $10 to $20 per month, later upgrading them to their own full Virtual Server as their needs expand.

For performance reasons, we have established guidelines with regard to the number of Virtual Subhosts you should place on a single Virtual Server. Keep in mind that these guidelines are suggested so that the performance of your own Virtual Server and Virtual Subhost domains is not compromised.

Server A:
Server B:
Server C:
around  5 low volume subhosts
around 25 low volume subhosts
around 60 low volume subhosts

For more information, see the following.

Configuring Virtual Subhosts need not be a daunting task. There are several methods you can use to do it. A utility that automates Virtual Subhost configuration can be easier, faster, and more user-friendly. If you require more flexibility to fine tune the setup to your exact needs, then you should configure your Virtual Subhosts by hand.

  • vaddhost
    The vaddhost utility is an interactive, command-line program that automates the process of configuring Virtual Subhosts.

  • Manually Configuring Virtual Subhosts
    It is possible to configure Virtual Subhosts by hand. These instructions include directions for setting up cgi-bin access, separate web server log files, and other features.

  • Virtmaps - Providing E-Mail for Virtual Subhosts

Virtual Subhosting Help
The following documents provide in-depth information about Virtual Subhosting.

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